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THE GOAT POST, By: Sustain A. Billy

We Goat This! Join the Herd for Awesome Results

September 16, 2014

We goats are known to be social animals – we love to connect with others! Whether it’s climbing or grazing, chatting or clucking, we enjoy doing things with other goats and creatures outside our herd.  We know that working with others is not only more fun…it also creates powerful effects!

And, just like us goats, when Canadians join together they have the ability to fuel incredible changes in the lives of poor and vulnerable families. For over 50 years CHF has been connecting awesome people from around the globe for awesome results.

In Northern Ghana roughly 680,000 people do not have enough food to eat. But the communities where CHF and our local partner work have seen a 130% increase in the size of their harvests – thanks to tools, training and goats like me! Not baaaa-d, eh?

Together with Canadians, CHF has already helped millions of people to build sustainable livelihoods and grow their household incomes. This ol’ goat thinks that’s pretty [...]

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