Every Single Gift Ma-a-a-atters

December 11, 2014

I have loved this time of year ever since I was a kid in the pen!

While the days may be a little shorter and a little colder, there’s no need to bleat on and be gruff about it! I look forward to these changes because they signal that the Holiday season is almost here!

And in this old goat’s opinion, the best parts of the holiday season are connecting with family and friends, and sharing laughs and gifts. While I do love receiving presents, what really gets me all riled up is giving unique, meaningful gifts to my herd! If you’re looking for some original gift ideas for your own flock this year, make sure you check out Gifts That Matter!

CHF’s Gifts That Matter catalogue is a great way to donate to families in need while honouring loved ones on your holiday shopping list. You can make a charitable gift of a sheep for a family in Ghana or donate chickens […]

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