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THE GOAT POST, By: Sustain A. Billy

A Proud Canadian Goat!

July 15, 2014

Oh Canada! This month it’s easy to see why Canada is so great. And if you’re anything like me—except for the fur and the hooves of course—then it’s also a time when it feels great to let your Canadian pride show through!

Did you know the Canadian Hunger Foundation is a homegrown Canadian NGO and has been for over 52 years?!? You might wonder what it’s like for a Canadian organization to be a working over seas…well the people we work with every day in countries like Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Cambodia, know that Canadians are friendly and caring. We’re hard workers, we’re giving, and everyone knows we’re polite. Our mama goats raised us right

Canadians overseas are welcomed warmly – maybe you’ve found this when you’re travelling? This Ol’ Goat is proud to wear red and white and so are all of my friends at CHF. Being a part of this [...]

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