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THE GOAT POST, By: Sustain A. Billy

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October 8, 2014

It’s October and that means my favourite day is almost here! I love gatherings with the herd, especially one focused on giving thanks, but it’s not Thanksgiving that has me counting down sleeps. It’s not Halloween either, although I do enjoy trick-or-treating… or trick-or-bleating, as much as the next goat!

My favourite day is actually October 16th: World Food Day!

Goats can be stubborn, some might even say hard headed, so you can imagine that we embrace a day that screams from the mountain tops: persistence is the answer!

World Food Day, is an internationally recognized day to raise awareness of world hunger and poverty and to celebrate solutions for world change.

We goats know that the tide is changing. Over the last year alone, we saw 37 million people—more than the entire population of Canada—gain access to the food they needed to thrive.

If we can come together—my friends at CHF, you and your friends, me and my goatly herds—we can ensure that every […]

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