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THE GOAT POST, By: Sustain A. Billy

Little Changes for Big Results

April 3, 2014

We goats don’t like to see anything go to waste – so we’re big fans of composting…and my friends at CHF are even bigger fans of effective composting!

In the areas where CHF works, rainfalls are often few and far between, and the soils can be overworked and short on nutrients. So when we can help families produce more and more of their own veggies to munch on and sell at market, well let’s just say it can get this goat kicking up his hooves in a happy dance!

Little changes for big results.

With their local partner in Ethiopia CHF has been creating wonderful improvements in harvests by implementing some new simple farming techniques, like more effective composting. Meaning more food for families, markets, and maybe even some bits for the goats too!

Farmers there have been making good use of ash, household waste, farm yard manure and animal feed residues to start restoring their soil fertility—however, by CHF introducing a new micro-organism [...]

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